Your Wedding Day Weight Loss

Your wedding day weight loss does not begin on your wedding day. Successful weight loss in anticipation of your wedding day or any other day, begins not with a diet, but with your mind. Once you learn the four essentials to safe weight loss and apply them, you will realize the weight loss that you want for your wedding day.

What are the four basics to successful weight loss and how can you benefit from them? In short they are 1) the right food, 2) the right time, 3) the right amount, and 4), the right exercise.

The Right Food: Understanding the mechanics of fat cells will guide you to the right foods for weight loss. Fat cells are programmed to store energy in the form of fat. Crash diets can be misinterpreted by your fat cells as a crisis situation and instead of breaking down and releasing their energy, your fat cells will conserve themselves by reducing the release of their energy, their fat, to a slim trickle. Your body will retain its fat for as long as it can with very little, if any, weight loss.

Eating foods that are natural, non processed, whole, and nutritious tells your fat cells that all is well and there is no need to hoard or increase the amount of fat in your body.

Your body needs protein, fats (like the fat stored in your body), minerals and vitamins to renew itself and carry out its life sustaining functions and processes. The best sources of these nutrients are unprocessed, complex carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables. The preferable meats for weight loss are fish, and fowl.

The Right Time: Nutritionists are now convinced that eating small frequent meals throughout the day, while not reducing the total daily intake, dramatically reduces the tendency of the body to store fat. (The body and fat cells sense that there is no shortage of food.) The most important meal continues to be a nutritious and satisfying breakfast. Don’t skip it if you want to see weight loss!

The Right Amount: Eat a wide variety of nutritious foods and eat enough. Don’t make your fat cells hoard their energy because they don’t sense enough food in your body. Don’t get greedy, though. Allow your body to get used to smaller and more frequent meals and you will lose weight. Your body will gladly adapt to smaller more frequent meals over time.

The Right Exercise: Scientific study has proven beyond all doubt that people who regularly perform aerobic exercises realize significant weight loss and do not get fat. Any exercise sustained for a continuous 20 minute period on a daily basis that increases your heart rate, raises your metabolism, and injects copious amounts of fat burning oxygen throughout your body will result in weight loss. Typical exercises in this category are jogging, cycling, brisk walking, and rope skipping. Remember, people who regularly engage in aerobic exercise do not get fat but instead experience true weight loss. Remember to check with your doctor for clearance to engage in aerobic exercises.

So you see, you do not need to carry those unsightly pounds down the aisle with you on your wedding day. The best gift you can receive on your wedding day is a healthier, slimmer you and you can give that wedding day weight loss gift to yourself. Wedding day weight loss… what a nice gift!

R. Louis

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