Before You Detox Your Body The Natural Process Of Detoxification Explained

Before you start to detox your body it is useful to know how your body works and reacts on a detox diet. Important questions are: “How do the toxins leaveyour body?”, “Which part of the body will go through the process of detoxification?” and “Why does the body needs help now and then?” Learn how your body functions so you know what colon cleansing will do to you and how a detox diet works before you start.

The human body is a complex mechanism that consist of a very sophisticated structure of organs and systems. Some of these systems look after the right balance and harmony within the body; it uses food, liquids and oxygen to feed and maintain our body (this is known as metabolism). One task of these organs and systems is to get rid of toxins. Toxins are substances that are harmful to our bodies. They may come from the bodys natural metabolic processes, the food we eat, the water we drink, the contents of the bowel, even the air we breathe. Please note that detoxification is a natural process within our own body. These days most people are being exposed to too much toxins so that the natural process is disordered. The inner balance is disrupted, it is time to give the body a hand by detox your body.

But let’s go back to the natural process. The liver, kidneys, our lymph system and skin play a major part in body detox. The liver is the most important organ concerning colon cleansing. It transforms toxins into substances which the body can use, store or eliminate. Kidneys filter the toxins from the blood and eliminate them via our bowels. The lymph system takes care of the removal of all toxins from the body. Lymph is a liquid produced by the body. It absorbs dead cells, harmful substances and other toxins and take those to the lymph nodes. Here the toxins are being filtered and via the blood being spread to the liver, kidneys and skin were they are eliminate via sweat, urine or bowel out of the body.

Compared to the kidneys and the liver, the skin is just an amateur when it comes down to detoxification (of course it has other roles as well like regulating our body temperature or warning the brain when we touch something warm e.g.). It is a giant screen which eliminates different toxins. It is also the mirror of our health. If there are to much toxins building up inside, our skin will show it. Think of acne, eczema or “looking a little pale”. These are just symptoms that it is time to give your body a helping hand in the detox process.